Voucher Program

Voucher Program for public classes

CPR LifeLine created the voucher program for companies and organizations who sign up their employees/volunteers to take CPR and/or First Aid training on a regular basis throughout the year. The voucher program enables companies and organizations to take advantage of quantity discounts when sending employees/volunteers to public classes and the convenience of making only one payment.

The company/organization pre-purchases voucher numbers at a discount price (must purchase at least 10 at a time to receive discount). They then distribute the voucher numbers to employees/volunteers who need to attend a training program. The employee/volunteer can choose a class date from our public class schedule and email, fax, or phone-in their registration using the voucher number as payment for the class. The employer or organization may request an emailed summary of attendance. Please note that no more than 4 discount vouchers can be used for the same class date.

At least 10 vouchers must be pre-purchased for the same type of class to receive discount. Voucher packs must be pre-paid using check or cash. Please email your order request to info@cprlifeline.com

Type of Course
Cost Per Person without Voucher
10 Pack Voucher Discount Price
BLS Provider CPR/AED
$468.00 = $46.80/person
Heartsaver CPR/AED
$360.00 = $36.00/person
Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED
$585.00 = $58.50/person
Heartsaver First Aid
$315.00 = $31.50/person

If you wish to send students to a variety of classes, please ask about our “Open Account” program.