American Heart Association
Instructor Programs

*Program Overview*
BLS and Heartsaver Instructor Training

Please thoroughly read the following overview of the American Heart Association’s Instructor Training Programs and the requirements for Instructor certification.
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• American Heart Association has TWO Instructor Programs

Heartsaver Instructor
The Heartsaver Instructor is authorized to teach the community level Heartsaver First Aid, CPR/AED, and non-certified Family & Friends courses.

BLS Instructor
The BLS Instructor is authorized to teach the professional level BLS Provider course and has the option to add-on the Heartsaver Instructor Course.

Pre-Requisites: Prior to attending an AHA Instructor Course, you must have current certification from the American Heart Association. For the Heartsaver Instructor Course, you must have a current "Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED" certification card. These classes can be taken separately or as a combined class and pediatric CPR must be included. For the BLS Instructor Course, you must have a current "BLS Provider" certification card.

• The AHA Instructor Program has 3 Parts
All 3 parts of the AHA Instructor Program must be successfully completed to receive Instructor certification.

1) AHA Training Center Alignment:
Before you register for the Instructor Course, you must get approval from an authorized AHA Training Center (TC) in your geographical area to align with. Most instructors align with the Training Center where they take their Instructor training but it's not required. If you are requesting to align with us, then you must fill out this form (pg1&2) and submit it with your registration for the Instructor Course. If you want to align with a different Training Center, you must get a signature of acceptance on this form (pg1) and submit it with your registration for the Instructor Course. Alignment is not employment. You are contracting with a Training Center to be your mentor as you complete the Instructor training process and to monitor the first class that you teach. Your Training Center will also process and maintain your class records, issue the appropriate certification cards, notify and update you when changes are made to the courses and guidelines, notify you when new products become available, and to provide Instructor recertification courses. Some Training Centers also have equipment rental and supplies to purchase.

2) Classroom:
This part of the course is completed in-classroom with other Instructor candidates. All the AHA course outlines with target audience and completion requirements will be discussed, along with the course DVDs, books, and other materials needed to teach the courses. You must demonstrate your ability to correctly and effectively perform CPR, use an AED, provide instruction and correction to students, and you must pass a written exam.

3) First Class Monitoring:
This part of the Instructor Program is completed by the Training Center who has accepted you for alignment.
A Training Center Faculty member will monitor your first solo class to make sure you are prepared to teach independently and have the appropriate training materials & supplies.

Instructor Course Materials (2015 Guidelines)

The following manuals are required for the Instructor course and are included in the Instructor Course fee unless otherwise noted. Each Instructor candidate must have their own set of manuals.

Heartsaver Instructor:
Heartsaver First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Manual
Heartsaver First Aid/CPR/AED Student Manual

BLS Instructor:
BLS Provider Instructor Manual
BLS Provider Student Manual

• Program Fees

Classroom Course plus manuals.

BLS Instructor: $320.00
add Heartsaver to BLS Instructor: $199

Heartsaver Instructor: $340.00

Training Center Alignment and First Class Monitoring

BLS and/or Heartsaver Instructor: $550.00
(Reduced rates for 2 or more people from the same organization co-teaching a class. If the Evaluator has to travel more than 40 miles round trip to monitor your first class, excess mileage will be charged at 54 cents/mile.)

Additional Expenses:
Additional materials will be needed prior to teaching your own classes, such as manikins, training aids, student workbooks, and the AHA course DVDs. Complete Training Packages are available from LifeLine or you can purchase items directly from one of the AHA distributors. If you are starting a new program and want to estimate your start-up costs, you can request a Training Package price sheet and/or Rental price sheet.

2017 Classroom Dates
(email us to request an announcement when dates are scheduled)

BLS Instructor: TBA

Heartsaver Instructor: TBA

Class Location: CPR LifeLine Training Center, 9320 SW Barbur Blvd Suite 175, Portland 97219